No. If your credit is not strong our rent to own program can still help you realize your dream of being a home owner.
Your qualification is your job and income. To apply for the Realty Corp – Rent To Own Program, email RTO@realtycorp.ca for your application form.
Yes a deposit is required. However the rent to own deposit is considerably less than a downpayment on a traditional mortgage. You can start with a deposit as low as $2500.00.
The purchase price is based upon today’s fair market value of the property, less your rent to own deposit.
Yes you can!! Unlike other rent to own programs that provide a limited list of properties, you can select the home YOU want currently for sale in the Edmonton area real estate market.
Absolutely!! Painting, finishing a basement, adding a patio or even building a garage is all acceptable with the Realty Corp ‘Rent to Own Edmonton’ program. Bring your plans/request for written approval.
No. Once the rent to own purchase price is agreed to, the price is set. You are legally protected in the contract securing the rent to own purchase price.
Email:  RTO@realtycorp.ca and request the Realty Corp Rent to own Edmonton program application form.